The story goes...

  1. I bought a pair of these pants from a lady outside my yoga studio 3 years ago. "Cool! I have new workout pants..."
  2. Over the years I kept buying more because they never changed shape or loss their vibrant color. They were my new favorite workout, travel, yoga, comfy sexy pants. 
  3. I realized: I now owned 5 pairs of these pants and 1 pair of Lululemons. Hmmm...
  4. So when I quit my job, I began my journey to find the origins of these pants and track down the designer. 
  5. Turns out they are made in Brazil! Hence the awesome unique patterns, colors, styles and quality fabric. 
  6. Now I can share them with you, these one-of-kind epic-ly funky and comfortable yoga/workout pants straight to your door. 
  7. You're welcome. ;)