Customer Reviews

"I LOVE THESE PANTS. They are super soft, stretchy, and breathable which makes them perfect for any activity. The patterns and colors are so fun and vibrant- I want them all!"
- Aileen Zhang, dancer
"My Leopard Eyes pair of tights are exactly what I wanted. The fit is perfect, the material is thick enough so you can't see through, yet thin enough to allow me to dance like an animal. I wear them to work, to the gym and out dancing. I can't wait to get a couple more styles. They fit the male body just as good as they do the female body. I got so many compliments from strangers and friends!"
- Cody Enicke, team leader, dancer, lover of life, explorer, adventurer
"I was worried when I saw these workout leggings because I wasn't supposed to spend any more money this month. But after I tried on the pink and purple capris, they were too comfortable to be true - they felt like a second skin. Then I started wearing them to every class I took and even around town. I ended up going back to Gina and getting another pair! Turns out it looks great with boots and a sweater, so my spendings this month have been totally worth it."
- Rebecca DiMassa, technical recruiter, yoga lover
"From the moment I slid on the Cobra pants, I felt as sleek and sassy as a snake. These pants shine on the outside, are soft on the inside, and make you feel like you shed your old skin. From the dance floor to the climbing gym to Dolores Park, I can go anywhere in them! 
Thanks again for brining a wonderful product into my life."
- Tessa Toscano, nursing student, rock climber

I'm so glad I came across these beautifully colorful yoga pants!  They feel fantastic on, very silky and allow you to move freely while hugging your body.  I was also nicely surprised that the one-size actually fit my petite frame very well - these are my new favorite pants! :)
Krystle Sarkissian, project manager, yoga enthusiast
Honestly, I was a little nervous about my purchase and questions ran through my head. Were the colors too bright? Would the material look good on me? I went home and put them on just to try, and they felt amazing! I walked right out the door to dance practice! These pants are beyond soft and comfortable. They fit perfectly and I can definitely call them my second skin. They hugged all the right curves and made me feel cute, bright, and most of all, confident. I felt that I could take on the world, and that I would look great doing it. These pants do everything I do and really brighten my day. I'm so pleased with my purchase and I think everyone should get a pair of lifestyle pants, at least to try on. Warning: you might never want to take them off!
Rachel Wu, dancer, web developer