About Gina Heart

Look good, feel good. Be well, live well. Love, be loved. 
Gina Heart Lifestyle started when I embarked on a personal mission to help others figure out what their dreams are and how to get there. As a life coach, I work with clients who wanted a more fulfilling job, a better relationship, and a healthier life. Having lived these journeys myself, I learned that not only did I need a tribe of people to believe in me and support me, I also needed meaningful and beautiful items to keep me inspired. 
Beauty is not a superficial word, beauty transcends art into emotions. For me, when I discovered these Brazilian yoga pants, not only were they super comfortable and long lasting, they made me feel ready to walk into a gym and yoga studio and COMMIT. The bright colors and funky patterns drew people to me. People would go out of their way to give me compliments and our conversations became the start of a new fitness tribe. Other times, wearing such noticeable pants helped me step up my game in front of bootcamp instructors and group classes. Most of all, I'd wake up for an early morning workout (not really wanting to go) then being reminded by these pants that I was doing this for a reason - the joy and fun of stepping out into the world and working my hardest to achieve my dreams of being a healthy and fit inspiration to others. 

I hope they work the same wonders on you. Wear them with joy and they will bring you happiness in your health and fitness endeavors, I promise.